Case: Remake the Top Business School’s Magazine.

Solution: Innovate magazine navigation.

Pentagram, the international design agency, invited me to serve as editorial lead on a redesign of Wharton, the magazine for the University of Pennsylvania’s business school. In any remake of an institutional magazine, the first question to ask is how the institution distinguishes itself from its peers. With Wharton, the answer is clear: more than any of its competition, the school emphasizes intellectual rigor.

We proposed simplifying the magazine’s navigation, dividing it into just three parts: News, Ideas, and People. Ideas—innovation and research by faculty and alumni—would form the heart of the magazine. The goal was to remind the readers that they were connected to a vital center of business thinking. At the same time, the News and Ideas sections emphasized not just individuals but connections among the Wharton community. This helped reframe the magazine as more than an institutional organ. It was the tie that bound graduates, students, and the school’s international clubs, with the Philadelphia-based community.

Halfway through work on the first issue, the editor resigned to take another job. I took over as temporary editor and recruiter. Among the candidates I brought in, Richard Rys, an editor at Philadelphia magazine, became the new editor.

Meanwhile, I wrote the cover story: Can Leadership Be Learned?

See the Pentagram presentation of the Wharton redesign.



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Bass Hotels

Brown University

Dartmouth College

Kaiser Permanente

Middlebury College



Southwest Airlines

Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies

University of Pennsylvania


Wharton School of Business

York College

Presentations and Workshops

Beachbody: Keynote presentation for fitness coaches in Dana Point, California.

CUE: Keynote presentation in New Orleans for HR professionals on "How to Screw Up."

Dartmouth College: Presentation on framing strategies for all of the university's advancement professionals.

Department of Defense: Persuasion workshop in Washington, DC, for MILVAX, the global agency responsible for vaccinating military personnel. Another persuasion workshop in San Antonio for Air Force JAG officers.

European Speechwriters Association: Two-day workshop and presentation in Berlin, Germany.

Hampden Sydney College: Campus-wide lecture on the need for rhetoric, in Hamden Sydney, Virginia. 

Harvard University: Presentation and workshop for Arts & Sciences advancement professionals.

Lane Press: Keynote presentation in Vermont for editors and designers of magazines. 

Lewis & Clark College: Campus-wide lecture in Portland, Oregon, on "The New Trivium," or why the liberal arts are a good personal investment.

Mindshare: Workshop in Bali, Indonesia, for advertisers, marketers, and media buyers.

NASA: Two separate workshops teaching rhetoric to space engineers and administrators at the Langley Research Center, Virginia.

National Association of Realtors: Keynote presentation in Reno, Nevada, for California realtors.

Ogilvy UK: Workshop for advertising creatives in London, England.

Prepaid Expo: Keynote presentation in Orlando for 2,000 finance executives.

Southwest Airlines: Presentation on "How to Screw Up" to the airline's marketing executives in Nashville.

University of Tampa: Presentation to rhetoric students.