Speaker Logistics

How to Make the Program Go Perfectly


Please fill out the questionnaire and send it to us before our first conference call. It'll make the call more productive, and make my presentation more relevant to your group. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 

Pre-Event Survey

When possible, I like to survey attendees in advance. If it's a large group, I use Survey Monkey. You need only to let participants know the address and ask them to take the survey. If  the group is smaller than 200, I'll ask you for a few emails and phone numbers of participants. The more I understand your group's challenges and needs, the better.


Please use this to introduce me. If you've read any of my books and want to inject something personal, just let me know.


I prefer a wireless lavaliere but can work with a wireless hand-held mic. I like to walk around and interact with the audience, so a fixed or wired mic tends to get awkward.


Let me know if you want me to speak without slides. I prefer using PowerPoint, though. Don't worry--the slides are simple! I use them to teach the tools, and attendees will be given an online to access it after the event. In most presentations, I don't need audio or video. Occasionally, though, I will embed a video and will let you know in advance. I prefer bringing my own laptop (a MacBook Air with solid state drive) and hooking it up to the venue's VGA with my own adapter. I bring my own remote as well. Let me know if you'd rather use the venue's own system and computers, and I'll provide the appropriate files. If at all possible, I can send it in advance, but will want to bring a flash drive with an updated presentation.[


I don't mind it, but won't use it.

Index Cards

If the audience is larger than 100, please have index cards placed on seats in advance. I'll encourage participants to write down questions, and will let them choose a tool from a list. Please have staff prepared to collect these cards from the aisles when I ask--generally 10 or 15 minutes before the end of my presentation. I find I can ask more than twice as many questions that way!

Hotel and Travel

Please provide room reservations (non-smoking), preferably at the same hotel where the meeting is to be held, and billed directly to your organization. I will book my own flights (non-refundable, non-stop when possible), round-trip from Boston, Massachusetts, or Manchester, New Hampshire.

Ground Transportation

Please arrange ground transportation to and from the airport, and let me know who will be meeting me, or if you need me to take a cab or shuttle.

Payment of Fee

The entire fee is due on-site, immediately following my presentation. An invoice, including travel expenses, will be mailed prior to the engagement.


I'd like to schedule a call after the event to get your feedback. In addition, let me know if you'd like me to conduct a webinar a week or two afterward. Also, I'm always happy to keep in touch with participants, and will answer individual emails as promptly as I can.

Contact us if you have any questions.