Southwest Airlines

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"Jay's talk was provocative and caused great chatter afterward."

"You were such a hit! People are still talking about why they shouldn't (or should) apologize!"


I work closely with Pace Communications, a content agency that produces Southwest's inflight magazine, Spirit. In 2006 I conceived of a new format for the magazine and helped Pace win the bid for the work, amid intense competition from other publishers and agencies. I hired the editorial staff, which works in Dallas, and continue to oversee things from afar. (They're a first-rate staff, and they need little supervision, frankly.) 


At the annual meeting of Southwest's 300 communicators, I gave a keynote address on "How to Screw Up"--a presentation I now call Turn Mistakes into Triumphs. The other keynoter, Shawn Parr, detailed my talk in his popular Fast Company blog.


For the airline's 40th anniversary, I wrote a story that has been shared around the world by literally millions of users (thank in part to the India Times, which published the whole thing. (Read the PDF here.) If you want help in promoting the lessons to learn from your own business, contact me.