Prepaid Expo



"Wow! You were a big hit with the group – not only with attendees, but also with our internal folks."

Two thousand people in the prepaid field came to Orlando for Prepaid Expo. Prepaid covers a wide gamut of banking and other financial products, from Social Security debit cards to phone cards to reloadable cards to mobile banking apps. (Magic Johnson was fellow keynoter. He has created the Magic Card, which helps underbanked inner-city residents meet their financial goals.)

I spoke frankly about the reputation that banking in general, and prepaid cards in particular, faced. That wasn't news to this group. They seemed eager to hear my talk about the Pivot, a tool that helps you win arguments in advance--before you even start talking. The Pivot also can help this audience raise the awareness of prepaid within their own companies.

Immediately after the talk, I met with an elite group in a more intimate executive session. That's something I'm happy to do with any presentation. I make great friends, and the follow-ups are fantastic.