Keynote Topics

Keynote Topics

These aren't cheesy motivational speeches telling you what you already know. Your participants learn real skills, real tools, and solve their real-world problems.Take a look at the Speaker Logistics to see how my presentations work. If these topics don't quite fit your event, let's talk about crafting a keynote to your needs.

I'm also available to conduct half-day to two-day persuasion workshops tailored to your group's needs. And let me know if you'd like me to attend an executive session following my presentation.

"Excellent! Great topic that can be applied personally and professionally." - CUE


Win Every Argument

How do you get what you want without making others angry? This talk shows how to set your goals, shift the issue onto favorable grounds, and convince your audience--all while making them feel like they won! After explaining a few simple tools with humorous examples, I craft an argument that helps solve the audience's own biggest persuasion challenge.  

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Lead Through Craft, Caring and Cause

If you can get people to like and trust you, they'll follow you anywhere. The three C's of leadership--showing mastery and sympathy, and standing for something larger than the job at hand--will make you more persuasive than you ever imagined.


Spot and Fill Persuasion Gaps

Communicators, marketers and the rest of us spend endless time and countless budget leading horses to water--"educating" people on issues or building awareness of brands. Then comes the hard part: getting markets to buy and audiences to love you. In this presentation you'll see how we often persuade people in the wrong direction. Spot the gaps, and fill them with "desire." This is the most fun time you'll ever have learning the ultimate secrets of persuasion.


The Pivot: Your Greatest Sales Tool

Boy, do my clients love this simple device! It shifts the conversation exactly where you want it. I teach three forms of the Pivot: pivoting the tense, pivoting the terms, and pivoting to a cause. When I give this talk, I can almost see the lightbulbs turning on over people's heads. 


Turn Mistakes Into Triumphs

I originally called this talk "How to Screw Up," but email spam blockers didn't appreciate the title. But that's what it's about: turning your own, your boss's, or your company's screw-ups to your advantage. One tip for screwing up--don't apologize--makes the audience's heads spin. But when they understand why, they walk away with renewed courage and a persuasive attitude. I like to think this is my funniest talk; I'm a master at screwing up myself.