"Excellent! Great topic that can be applied personally and professionally."

CUE is an organization that promotes positive employee relations within companies. This group of HR managers and senior executives held its annual meeting right on San Antonio's beautiful Riverwalk. I presented one of my most popular talks, on "How to Screw Up." (Now politely called "How to Turn Mistakes into Triumphs" to get past spam filters.)

I brought up half a dozen major corporate screw-ups, all of which resulted in angry employees. That's because I tailor each of my talks to the specific audience; I don't just bring out the same old template. In each case, we talked about how we would handle the issue. And I showed how to apply the tools of screwing up to each case:

  1. Have a plan.
  2. Switch to the future.
  3. Don't apologize.
  4. Use Caring, Craft, and Cause.

I got some of the biggest, most sustained applause I've ever received. Thanks, CUE! I hope you have me back next year.