"Your knowledge and sense of humor are just right for us."


Jay-Beachbody filming.jpg

Beachbody makes those P90X workouts that buffed up Michelle Obama, Paul Ryan and a whole slew of celebrities. It also makes Insanity, along with saner workouts. I've been doing P90X for years, along with P90X2 and, more recently, Insanity. (That's me, filming a Beachbody infomercial out in L.A.)  I also use Shakeology, Beachbody's meal replacement, for breakfast every day. And I take the Results & Recovery formula. All safe products, no drugs. 

One day, Carl Daikeler called me. He had read about me (and my 4 a.m. workout routine) in Bloomberg Businessweek, then bought my book, Thank You for Arguing. He wanted to know if I could bring my persuasion to Beachbody. I've gotten to know the senior staff, met some of the buffest employees in the universe, and have been collaborating with Carl on his cause to eliminate the epidemic of obesity in America. It's the ideal merger of persuasion and marketing, for a very good cause.


I also spoke at an event in Orange County for 300 of Beachbody's top Coaches, the men and women who sell the company's products. My topic: How to Spot and Fill Persuasion Gaps.